2022 Hawai`i ACAC Annual Conference

Register for the conference today! Registration at https://go.hawaiiacac.org/conference-registration

Conference Reception

Friday, April 22, 5:30-9:30pm

Iolani Palace Barracks & Lawn

Reception Included in Conference Registration fee. Conference Hosted by Hawaii-ACAC and University of Hawai`i.

5:30pm-6:30pm: Free access for HACAC Conference Social Attendees to tour the Iolani Palace.

*The Iolani Palace was built in 1882 and housed the monarchy of the Hawaiian Kingdom until the overthrow of the government in 1893. It is the only royal palace within the modern-day United States of America. Today it has been meticulously restored and allows kama`aina and visitors alike to view the history of the inner lives, politics, and intrigue of the monarchy.

6:30pm-9:30pm: Come join us in the open air of the Iolani Palace Barracks and Lawn as we welcome back HACAC members, friends, and guests after two years of COVID-forced virtual conferences

            *Heavy pupus from Da Spot

            *Open Bar (Beer, Wine, and Signature Cocktail)

            *Live local music entertainment from Kala`e Camarillo! Kala`e’s Album “Feel at Home” was named the Contemporary Acoustic Album of the Year at the 2020 Na                        Hoku Hanohano Awards (Hawaiian Grammy’s)

            *MC Kalista Fox will provide commentary, talk story, and Drag Queen Bingo!

Parking @ Reception: If you arrive before 6:00pm, parking is available within the Palace grounds. If arriving after 6pm, there is street parking around the palace. Please enter from the Ewa-side entrance along Richards St.

COVID Safety: At this time, a completed COVID vaccination series is no longer required to attend the reception or enter the Iolani Palace or Barracks. A face mask is optional to tour the historic Iolani Palace.

Reception GuestsHACAC is proud to host our Conference Reception at one of Hawaii’s most important historic sites, the Iolani Palace. We have the unique opportunity of allowing our attendees to tour the Palace after hours, from 5:30-6:30pm. We wish to extend an offer to bring your family for this event, and then to stick around for food and entertainment! While alcohol will be available to those 21+, this is a family-friendly event. Children 12 and under are free; children aged 13-20 can attend at half price. Conference registrants have already paid for their entrance to the reception. If you already purchased a “plus 1” in your initial conference registration, there is no need to purchase a new pass for that person. We encourage (but do not require) you to register and pay for your guest receptions passes ahead of time so that we can ensure there is enough food for everyone. Register/buy your guest passes HERE. See you there!”


Saturday, April 23, 8:00am-5:00pm

Saint Louis School

7:30am-8:30am: Conference Registration & Breakfast. Breakfast from Pu'uwai Aloha Bakery (completely gluten free!) sponsored by Colorado Consortium

8:30am-9:30am: Conference Welcome

8:30am: Oli by Kumu Kawika

8:35am: HACAC President Rochelle Sakurai

8:45am: Dr. Glenn Medeiros, President, Saint Louis School

9:00am: Keynote Speaker HI State Representative Adrian Tam. Learn more about their legislative work here; their stance on education within the state here; and a                                    biography on how they got where they are here. 

9:30-9:40am: Recognition of Conference Scholarship Attendees + Donors

9:40am-10:00am: BREAK

10:00am-10:55am: Session Breakout A. 

Session A1: 

Admissions & CBO's - The New Partnerships in College Admissions

This session will discuss the need and vitalness of university admission offices and community-based organizations partnering in today's college admission world. We will review all related aspects, including definitions of MOU's, partnerships, and relationships, as well as sources of information.

Audience: Post-Secondary

Presenter: Jose Garcia- University of Richmond; Cyrus Nichols –Washington University in St. Louis, MO

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 20

Session A2:

Kama’aina Tips for Recruiting in the State of Hawai’i

Whether you are a new or seasoned professional, you will appreciate this talk story session on best practices and tips for recruiting in the glorious state of Hawai’i. Each island has its own unique landscape and flare. Certain dos and don’ts are helpful to know when you are planning your trips, navigating commutes, and understanding the diverse cultural norms. You’ll appreciate these local's  insights, as all three presenters were raised on the islands.  So Hele mai and be a part of this informative discussion.

Audience:        Post-Secondary

Presenter:        JR. Rabago- Seattle University; Donna Barsana- Pacific University; Kimberly Dela Cruz Kelley- Washington State University

Location: LTC President's Conference Room

Session A3:

Coalition for College: How can we best serve your students?

The Coalition for College (https://www.coalitionforcollegeaccess.org/) continues to evolve and grow. Most recently, the Coalition for College partnered up with Scoir and Technolutions to expand college access and improve the tools it offers to students and school partners. Join Derek and Nikki in a talk-story session where they provide updates about the Coalition and open the floor to receive feedback about the Coalition.  

Audience:   All

Presenters: Nikki Chun- UH Manoa; Derek Terrell, Director of Member Engagement

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 24

Session A4:

Collaboration at a Higher Altitude and Out of State with Colorado Consortium

In Colorado, our universities have a long history of working together to assist in-state students via our CO Council on High School/ College Relations. In the same partnering spirit, the CO Consortium travels out of state (or in the virtual world!) and passionately shares why our campuses can help students achieve their higher educational goals. Come to this session to hear how we collaborate, not compete, to best serve students and their families.

Audience:   Secondary, Independent, CBO
Presenters:  Laurie Callaway-University of Colorado Boulder; Heather Daniels- Colorado State University; Louisa Duley- Colorado School of Mines; Pricilla Rain- Colorado Mesa University; Pete Lein- University of Northern Colorado; Vanessa Ea- University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; Edward Truong-Colorado College

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 26

Session A5:

Skilled-Trades, In-Demand Technician Career

Technician careers in skilled trades are in demand in Hawaii, and they can provide financially stable, long-term employment for Hawaii's hands-on learners.

Audience:   Secondary, Independent, CBO
Presenter:  Jason Tagal- Universal Technical Institute

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 22

11:05am-12:00pm: Session Breakout B

Session B1:

College Board Landscape: Data on Hawai'i Students and How Colleges Use This Tool

Landscape, a data-driven research tool from the College Board, helps admissions officers and enrollment leaders better understand the high schools and neighborhoods applicants come from. Join Yvonne Romero and Nikki Chun as they present and discuss the College Board Landscape data for Hawai'i students and how colleges utilize this data in decision-making and enrollment. 

Audience: Post Secondary

PresentersYvonne Romero- Rice University; Nikki Chun-UH Manoa

Location: LTC President's Conference Room

Session B2:

Supporting Veterans and Military Families Through the Transition to College

Join this online session for guidance on approaching the college search as a veteran or military family. In addition to sharing strategies on the college search and assembling a strong application, specifics will be shared on maximizing your benefits, searching for schools that support military-connected families, and transitioning to life on a college campus.

Audience: All

PresentersEd Devine and Nathan Ray, Xavier University

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 24

Session B3:

The Road from High School to College for Students with Learning Differences

This session will provide an overview of what students with dyslexia and other learning differences need to focus on and accomplish as they transition from high school to college. Also, practical advice will be shared regarding how high school counselors can best support students in choosing programs that best fit them and promoting and developing needed advocacy skills. We will also share tips about how college admission professionals can help neurologically diverse students successfully transition to college.

Audience: All

Presenters: Farris James- Assets High School; Margaret Higa, M.S.C.P., Executive Director of the Hawaii Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 20

Session B4:

CSU Application Workshop & Q & A on A-G Coursework

This session will offer tips and tricks on how to complete the California State University Application and you'll be able to ask questions regarding the A-G coursework.

Audience: Secondary, Independent, CBO

Presenters: Teri Ann Matsuda, California Polytechnic State University; Vanessa Gonsalves, California Polytechnic State University Humboldt; Maricela Solano, California State University Northridge

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 26

Session B5:

Fostering Social and Emotional Learning Schoolwide

The session will explore the five CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) competencies while also ensuring an environment that builds student success through relationships and responsiveness. Participants will engage in activities that can be used daily to foster social and emotional learning while also building student agency at their site.

Audience: Secondary, Independent, CBO

Presenter: Annette Murray- AVID Center, AVID.org; Cristine Goens, AVID Area Director of Southern CA and HI

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 22

12:00pm-12:15pm: BREAK

12:15pm-1:45pm: Lunch, Membership Meeting, Awards & Recognitions, Door Prizes

Lunch from Nippon Bento. Sponsored by HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union (Bento type first-come, first-serve, but expect to have both pescatarian and vegetarian            options, in addition to more traditional bento fare)

Secretary–Approval of Minutes

Committee Reports

Defer Past-President to Awards & Recognitions

Old Business

New Business/Open Forum

Recognition of Conference Scholarship Recipient and Donors 

Awards & Recognitions + Past President Report

Adjournment of Membership Meeting

1:45pm-2:00pm: BREAK

2:05pm-3:00pm Session Breakout C

Session C1:

Emailing, Texting, Tweeting, Zooming during the Pandemic: Straight Talk from Students on the Effectiveness of Technology-based College Recruiting Methods

Want practical feedback from the very audience that you are trying to reach? Do you wonder about the effectiveness of the student recruiting methods that your institution is currently using? Are students “zoomed out?” An annual favorite with college admission officers. Please join this interactive panel session for a chance to talk openly with students about best practices for college recruiting.

Audience:  All

Presenters: Hawaii High School Juniors and Seniors; moderated by Corinne Schell (Marist College)

Location: LTC President's Conference Room

Session C2:

Olympic Counseling:  A Talk Story Follow Up from the Olympic Parenting Workshop

Being a college counselor requires a set of superpowers unlike any other profession out there. Ultra-patience, super-listening skills, and multiple identities are among the basics. But, until we have the additional power to read students' minds, we can put our mega minds together, collaborate on how we emerge from the pandemic, and check-in with each other as we warm up for future marathons. This is a great session to re-connect, share resources and exchange great practices.

Audience:  All      

Presenter: Eleyne Fia- James Campbell High School

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 20

Session C3:

Military Academy Admissions and ROTC Scholarships

This session will provide important information regarding the Military Academy Admissions and ROTC Scholarship application process. In addition, there will be a follow-up, talk-story session with interested participants.

Audience: Secondary, Independent, CBO

Presenters:  LTC (Retired) Bob Takao- Punahou School JROTC , Military Academy Admissions Liaison Officer for USMA, USNA, USAFA, and former UHawaii AROTC PMS).  Additionally, UH Army, Air Force, Navy ROTC  reps, current Military Academy Cadets, ROTC Cadets, and Class of 22 applicants.

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 24

Session C4:

Road to ‘Ohana at the University of California: Admissions Advising Tips

Hear from University of California representatives on how students can put their best selves forward in the UC Application and admissions process. We will share fall 2023 updates and tips for advising your students on the path to UC admissions and finding ‘ohana at our campuses.

Audience: Secondary, Independent, CBO

Presenters: Iona Nee- UC Merced; Mandy Loh- UC Riverside

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 26

Session C5:

Walking the Forbidden Path for Local Students: Staying at the University of Hawai'i for Graduate School

Dr. Winter will present a compelling session focused on our students' messages about staying in Hawai'i for higher education. Notably, Dr. Winter is one of the few people who has obtained all three higher-education degrees from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in a life-science. He credits his current effectiveness to his choice of staying in Hawai'i for the entire course of education -- from pre-school to Ph.D. -- and is a strong advocate for the notion that UH can provide the best pathway for many Local students in their pursuit of degrees in higher education. His career stands as a testament to what "Keiki o ka ʻāina" (children of the land) can accomplish if they choose to walk that path.

Audience:        Secondary, Independent, CBO

Presenter:         Dr. Kawika Winter-Director of the He'eia National Estuarine Research Reserve

Location: Bertram Hall, Room 22

3:00pm-3:15pm: BREAK

3:15pm-3:30pm: Closing Remarks

Pau Hana: While HACAC will not be hosting a formal Pau Hana at Saint Louis School, please go out and safely celebrate! For our mainland visitors, we encourage you to leave the Waikiki Bubble. Both Kaka`ako/SALT and Chinatown have wonderful restaurants, breweries, bars, and clubs, though there are certainly many other neighborhoods on the island to explore!

Parking @ Conference: While there is parking, we do encourage you to carpool when possible. Please park along either 2nd Road or 3rd Road (Campus Map). Overflow parking can be found at FIrst Road or in the Oval.

Nursing Mother’s Room:Bertram Hall Room XXX

COVID Safety: At this time, a completed COVID vaccination series is no longer required to attend the HACAC Conference. A mask may still be required on the Saint Louis School campus when not actively eating or drinking (or presenting).

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