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Harmonizing Voices: Crafting Clarity in the Chorus of Counselor Communication

April 12, 2024 @ 2:05 pm - 3:00 pm

  • Olonā 105

About Session

“Harmonizing Voices: Crafting Clarity in the Chorus of Counselor Communication,” aims to explore the intricate art of communication between high school counselors, college admissions counselors, and students. This session aims to ensure when we speak, our intentions and messages resonate clearly, bridging the waters between the high school counselors, admissions counselors, and the students and families we serve. It’s about “cutting through the noise” that often surrounds us, to speak and listen with intention, ensuring our communication reaches our stakeholders as we intend, guiding them with clarity and purpose. 

In this presentation/workshop, we aim to:

  • Embrace the transformative power of clear, intentional communication, ensuring our messages foster understanding and connection. 
  • Share strategies for building effective communication, enriching the collaboration between all parties involved in our students’ educational journey. 
  • Reflect on the diverse modalities of communication at our disposal, understanding when and how to wield them to best support our students’ paths and each other. 

The presenters’ deep understanding of “both sides of the desk,” along with audience participation will greatly enrich the presentation/workshop. Together we can offer a holistic view that not only addresses the challenges we face but also celebrates the strengths and values that are unique to the communities we serve. We will provide a helpful framework for communication and will share resources with our audience.


Vee L. Alidema (Regional Admissions Counselor), University of Utah; Marques Kaonohi (College Counselor), Punahou School; Tyler Cegler (Regional Admissions Counselor), Oregon Institute of Technology; & Eleyne Fia (College and Career Counselor), James Campbell High School
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