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HACAC Webinar-le’a (Webinar Festival)

  • 04/18/2020
  • 05/02/2020
  • Online via Zoom


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HACAC Webinar-le’a (Webinar Festival), April 18, 2020, May 2, 2020

Hosted by Zoom with the help of Caltech, and Hawai’iACAC

To view Webinar session videos, go to our HACAC Webinar-leʻa Video Session Archive.

Detailed Session Descriptions


9-9:30 am Welcome Session April 18th

HACAC Webinar-le’a Welcome with Farris James (HACAC President-Elect, Assets School), Dayna Kaneshiro (HACAC President, Roosevelt High School) and Todd Fleming (HACAC Past-President, Iolani School)

This will not be an official HACAC Meeting since we cannot gather in person, just a chance to make some announcements and a brief introduction to our first ever fully online PD day, and a chance for us to connect as a community.

Session 1, April 18

10:20-11:20 am HST, Session 1, April 18

1A Effective SEL in Comprehensive Counseling Programs  

The role of the modern professional school counselor encompasses a comprehensive model that addresses student needs in four domains: academic achievement, college/career planning, socioemotional development and global perspectives. Frameworks and requirements such as ISCA, ASCA and CASEL have identified both cognitive and non-cognitive areas of mindsets, skills, and behaviors necessary for student success, but how can schools effectively implement these new strategies? This session presented by MaiaLearning, will provide insight in using research-based curriculum, tools and analysis to enhance your counseling program and positively impact student outcomes.

Audience: Secondary

Presenter: Phil Roybal, Satish Mirle (MaiaLearning)

10:20-11:20 am HST, Session 1, April 18

1B Gap Year Program

Mind the Gap Year Programs, learn more about an alternative to going straight to college.

Audience:  Secondary

Seleena Harkness-Lee (Elite Prep Hawaii)

10:20-11:20 am HST, Session 1, April 18
1C FAFSA Bill Talk- Story Session- this will be an opportunity to learn more about the Hawaii State House Bill 2088 and companion bill Senate 2296 regarding mandatory FAFSA completion as a high school graduation requirement in Hawaii. The goal of this discussion is for attendees to learn more about the pending legislation and to discuss its potential impact on students in the future, and implications for those who serve students as counselors. Scott Tresidder (Maui High School), Frank Green (UH West Oahu), Theresa Sanchez (HI DOE College/ Career)

Session 2, April 18

11:30 am -12:30 pm HST, Session 2, April 18

2A Getting Over the Rockies- Why Your Students Should Consider Texas As a College Destination

Why study in Texas? With hundreds of institutions of higher education to choose from, learn why your students should consider studying in the Lone Star state. Currently ranked 3rd in the United States as a destination for international students, there is a reason people from all over the country and world are jumping at the opportunity to study in Texas! Presenter Anis Qourzal will be talking about the outstanding educational opportunities within the state, the return on investment for traveling so far to go to school, weather and culture in Texas, the affordability of education and living costs, and why it is worth exploring higher education opportunities in this region of the country.

Audience: Secondary

Presenter: Anis Qourzal (Baylor University)

11:30 am -12:30 pm HST, Session 2, April 18

2B The Wai of College Admissions: Culturally-centered Admissions Recruitment Mana'o

There is a terrific richness (waiwai) that comes with recruiting Native Hawaiian and local Hawai'i haumana (students). College admissions representatives often learn informally the power of authentically investing in the Hawai'i community in order to have our keiki on their campuses. In this session, Nikki would like to begin a dialogue where our colleagues can more formally understand how admissions recruitment practices need to be culturally-centered; what works in other areas does not necessarily translate for our keiki and counselor colleagues. We will pay particular attention to students from the Papahana Kaiapuni ʻŌlelo Hawai'i schools. What should college recruiters understand about the unique experiences of these haumana? We will facilitate a talk-story session with 2-3 haumana from these schools and ask them to share of their experiences with college admissions and recruitment.

Audience:  ALL

Presenter:  Nikki Chun (California Institute of Technology)

11:30 am -12:30 pm HST, Session 2, April 18

2C- Talk-Story Session about HACAC and NACAC Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities

All welcome to learn more about getting involved and serving from current leaders at the local and national level.

Facilitators: Cindy Montgomery (HACAC Past-President, Hawaii Preparatory Academy), Jayne Fonash (Independent Consultant, NACAC Board President)

Session 3, April 18

1-2 pm HST Session 3 April 18

3A College Admissions Stress

In this workshop, we go beyond the basics of college admission, and dive into the psyche of teens as they spend four years preparing for their ultimate college choice. Participants will learn a number of activities, talking points, and interventions to use with stressed out college prep teens. These activities help to decrease teen’s overall anxiety about the process, gain personal insights, begin the process of figuring out their true personalities (best fit), values (balance of social, academic, extracurricular), and give them the life tools they need to increase the likelihood that they will remain at the college they choose.  Anyone who is working with teens where college acceptance and decisions are part of their process.I will also cover the stress impact of COVID-19 on high-achieving teens.  

Audience: ALL

Presenter: Mary Naimie (LCSW, mindfit4life)

1-2 pm HST Session 3 April 18

3B Alternative Paths: Vocational Training for in-demand Technical Careers The presenter will share an overview of the in-demand, good-paying, technical careers available today, in the following fields; Automotive, Diesel, Industrial, Power Generation, Hydraulics, Transport Refrigeration, Collision Repair, Welding, CNC Machining, Motorcycle & Marine. The presenter will discuss pay rate & career availability for high quality, professional technicians in the state of Hawaii, as well information about

Audience:  Secondary

Presenters: Jason Tagal (Universal Technical Institute)

1-2 pm HST Session 3 April 18

3C College, Career, and Life Readiness Framework: Supporting Student Success & Moving Beyond Compliance to Impact the Needs of the Whole Child

Explore a research-based blueprint that prepares students for success after graduation that incorporates six critical competencies students must achieve to become College, Career, and Life Ready (CCLR). Discover how each competency correlates to objectives that define success, and how grade-specific activities increase performance in order to close the equity gap. Additionally, learn how local schools, Kalaheo and King Kekaulike High School, are leveraging this framework, and are integrating it into PTP plans that assist with grade level benchmarks. Lastly, hear from campus leaders as they share implementation practices that drive long-term student engagement, increase achievement outcomes, and strategically promote the whole child.

Audience:  Secondary

Presenters:  Kristina Miller (Hobsons-Naviance); April Inouye (Kalaheo HS); Tracy Manlansing (King Kekaulike HS)

Session 4, April 18

2:10-3:10 HST Session 4 April 18

4A How AP Can Help Meet Enrollment Goals: A Toolkit for Enrollment Managers

Each year, nearly three million high school students use Advanced Placement® (AP®) to challenge themselves, explore their interests, and earn college credit, placement, or both. AP can help campus leaders meet a range of institutional and strategic goals throughout the entire enrollment cycle. This session will introduce a new toolkit to help enrollment leaders effectively incorporate AP not only into the admissions process but throughout the full enrollment cycle. The toolkit includes current research, action steps, and key questions that can drive you and your colleagues toward new and innovative ways of drawing on AP as you engage with students across each phase of your enrollment cycle.

Audience:  Post-Secondary

Presenter: Jim Bonner (College Board); Heather Daniels (Colorado State University)

2:10-3:10 HST Session 4 April 18

4B Studying Overseas: Aloha to the Land Down Under! Understanding the Australian School System  

Studying overseas is becoming more relevant than ever before. Learn about the benefits of an international education with a focus on Australia. More than just an idyllic destination, Australia is home to many high caliber universities. They offer distinct academic and social experiences for undergraduate students. Learn about the entry requirements, application process, and affordability of studying in Australia. Develop your understanding of the features of the major Australian cities and regions. Drawing upon the insights of staff working and studying extensively at universities on both sides of the Pacific, this session will help you identify students who will thrive in the Land Down Under.
Audience:  Secondary

Presenters:  Lea-Anne Allen (Macquarie University, Sydney); Tori Ellenberger (North America - Deakin University)

Day 2, May 2, 2020

Session 5, May 2

9-10 am HST Session 1, May 2

5A College Horizons: 20 years of College Prep Success for Our Keiki

Last year, the College Horizons (www.collegehorizons.org) program for Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students celebrated its 20th Anniversary. Nikki Chun is currently the Vice-President on the College Horizons Board of Directors, and Joanie Brotman is a beloved, long-time volunteer counselor who has served as College Horizons program faculty. Joanie and Nikki will share data and mo'olelo (information) about the success of this program, as well as its evolution and growth, especially as it relates to our keiki. If this proposal is accepted, we would also like to invite 2-3 College Horizons student alums to wala'au (chat) about their experiences.

Audience:  All

Presenters: Nikki Chun (California Institute of Technology); Joanie Brotman (Parker School)

9-10 am HST Session 1, May 2

5B U Can Go Green!

This session will discuss the benefits of allowing students to self-report academic history and test scores.

Audience:  ALL

Presenter: Mandy Loh (UC Riverside)

9:15 am HST Session 1, May 2

5C Introduction to Scoir

A general introduction to Scoir, that covers key product features from the counselor perspective, along with a detailed overview of document sending, rep visits, and an overview of the student and parent experience. We can also do a Q&A at the end.

Audience:  ALL

Presenter: Elliot Rossbach (Scoir)

Session 6, May 2

10:20-11:20 am HST Session 2, May 2

6A We're Here to Counsel, Recruit, and Retain You! Targeted Recruitment of LGBTQ Students by Colleges & Universities

The recruitment and admission practices of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and Queer (GLBTG) students by admission offices in higher education are examined as an emerging trend. Limited research on the targeted recruitment and hopeful admission and matriculation of the LGBTQ prospective student populations exists. Third-party GLBTQ organizations have provided the greatest support and push for open information on campus climates. A growing number of institutions are actively engaged in the targeted recruitment of BTLGQ students. Recommendations on how to best and safely engage this student population are proffered. The ethical implications of engaging with a student population claiming an invisible and often violently oppressed identity should be of highest concern to admission and other higher education professionals.

Audiences:  All

Presenter:  Tyler Cegler (Northern Arizona University)

10:20-11:20 am HST Session 2, May 2

6B Neighbor Island College Fairs

As we develop the Neighbor Island fairs, we will be partnering with HACAC Professional Development and Community Relations committees to create a more impactful experience for students, parents, counselors, and communities. We will be starting a Neighbor Island Fair focus group comprised of both counselors and admissions representatives to develop the fairs further. During this session, attendees will discuss ideas and issues, and feedback is encouraged.

Audience:  All, especially if you’re interested in supporting the fairs

Presenter:  Stephanie Walsh (Seabury Hall)

10:20-11:20 am HST Session 2, May 2

6C Planting Seeds of Peace and Global Citizenship

Co-Presenters will discuss Hawaii Tokai International College's unique mission of promoting peace and global citizenship. Related concepts include justice, equity, conflict resolution, diversity, and cultural authenticity.  Hawaii Tokai is located next to UH West Oahu in Kapolei and has been educating Hawaii students and international students on Oahu since 1992.

Audience:  All

Presenters: Jon Matsuoka (Hawaii Tokai International College); Darrell Kicker (Hawaii Tokai International College)

Session 7, May 2

11:40-12:40 am HST Session 3, May 2

7A Teaching Students to Understand the Holistic Search

This session will look at how holistic review works. What do colleges consider, how are decisions made? Beyond transcripts and testing, students need to be empowered to create their narrative. Activities resumes, recommendations, student essays and demonstration of fit all have the potential to sway decisions. More importantly, the self-evaluation these exercises encourage may be the key to future college success. We will consider the decision process of committees, how committee based review works, and what students need to convey in their application.

Audience:  Secondary

Presenters: Edward Devine (Chaminade University); Steve Brennan, College Coach; Annie Mill (DePaul University)

11:40 am-12:40 pm HST Session 3, May 2

7B Snapshots of Secondary Schools in Hawaii

Hear from a variety of Hawaii secondary school counselors about their amazing students, special programs, and their communities. Learn how their students might be a great fit for your institution. Hawaii DOE state level will share about different diploma types: La Pietra (Independent); Island Pacific Academy (Independent); American Renaissance Academy (Independent); Kihei Charter; Myron B. Thompson (Charter); Kamaile Academy (Hawaiian focused-arts integrated public conversion charter); Honokaa HS (Public); High Technology Academy (Charter); Roosevelt HS (Public).

Audience:  Post-Secondary

Presenters: Teri Ann Matsuda (Cal Poly, SLO); Theresa Sanchez (DOE); Angie Dolan, La Pietra - Independent; Andrew Marchetto-Ryan, Island Pacific Academy - Independent; Margaret Bailey, Renaissance – Independent; Amanda Wilson, Kihei Charter - Charter; Jacey Waterhouse, Myron B. Thompson – Charter; Kathleen Hoppe, Kamaile Academy – Hawaiian focused-arts integrated public conversion charter; Alana Haitsuka Fernandez, Honokaa HS – Public; Dayna Kaneshiro, Roosevelt – Public

11:40 am-12:40 pm HST Session 3, May 2

7C Best Practices for Supporting LD Learners and their Transition to College

When a student has a learning disability, the transition to college becomes more complex and difficult. Fortunately, there are many ways that both high schools and colleges can help bridge the transition and set LD learners up for success. This presentation will focus on both common roadblocks LD students face during transition and strategies for navigating the change. Also, we will have a small panel of students who have successfully transitioned to college and share about their experiences from the perspective of their learning style and needs.

Audience:  ALL

Presenters: Dr. Susan Travis, Ms. Farris James,  Mr. Jason Wagner (Assets School)

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