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`A `ohe hana nui ke alu `ia

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2017 HACAC Annual Conference

Saturday, April 8, 2017



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Pukalani, Maui 7:15a.m. - 2:00p.m.

hosted by Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus 


275 `A`apueo Pkwy, Pukalani, HI 96768


- Head up Haleakala Hwy

- Left onto Aapueo Pkwy (before Longs Drugs in Pukalani)

- King Kekaulike High School will be on the left side of Haleakala Hwy

- Pass the security gate and take a left

- Follow the road until the Middle School is on the left



Makawao, Maui 3:00p.m. - 7:00p.m. 

hosted by Seabury Hall (Reflection Pond / Cooper House Courtyard)

Seabury Hall Campus Map.pdf

480 Olinda Rd, Makawao, HI 96768


SESSION 1:  10:00 – 10:50am

Session 1A: Emailing, Texting, Tweeting, Oh My! Straight Talk From Students on the Effectiveness of Technology-based College Recruiting Methods

Back again by popular demand! Do you wonder about the effectiveness of the student recruiting methods that your institution is currently using? Want practical feedback from the very audience that you are trying to reach? Please join this interactive town hall session (two sessions long) for a chance to talk openly with students about best practices for college recruiting and freshman retention

Audience:    All

Presenters:  Moderated by Sara McKay-Hines (Mid Pacific Institute), student panel of current Maui high school seniors and juniors

Session 1B: The Coalition Consortium: An Update

The Coalition, composed of more than 90 member institutions, was founded on principal values, beliefs, and extensive research to improve the college application process for all students. We are dedicated to increasing access and helping students find their college match. It was a whirlwind start (to say the least), but the Coalition Consortium continues forward. Join me for an update about the Coalition and its suite of tools. How can we best serve the needs of your students and build strong relationships with our counseling colleagues?

Audience:    High School

Presenters:  Nikki Chun (California Institute of Technology), Co-Presenters to be announced

Session 1C: Getting Over The Rockies - Why Your Students Should Consider Texas As A College Destination.

Why study in Texas? With hundreds of institutions of higher education to choose from, learn why your students should consider studying in the Lone Star state. Currently ranked 3rd in the United States as a destination for international students, there is a reason people from all over the country and world are jumping at the opportunity to study in Texas! I will be talking about the outstanding educational opportunities within the state, the return on investment for traveling so far to go to school, weather and culture in Texas, the affordability of education and living costs, and why it is worth exploring higher education opportunities in this region of the country.

Audience:    High School, Community College

Presenter:   Anis Qourzal (Baylor University)

Session 1D: Navigating the Service Academy Application Process

Learn about our nation's five service academies and the process for applying to each.  Get your questions answered about their one week summer programs for high school juniors, one year preparatory school opportunities, Congressional nomination and medical qualification requirements, and much more!  Don't miss the chance to get the advice you need on how to best guide students interested in attending the U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, U.S. Military Academy, or U.S. Naval Academy.

Audience:    High School, Community College

Presenter:   Chris McMunn (Coast Guard Academy)

Session 1E: California Community Colleges - Connecting Students To The Future

The diversity of the California community colleges is the largest in higher education system in both the state of California and the nation. This session will describe the different opportunities for the student attending a community college to earn an AA/AS degree and to transfer to the top four-year colleges and universities.   Also discussed will be how the California community colleges assist students in formulating their higher education plan as they transition to future schools, while saving on the cost of their education.

Audience:    High School

Presenters:  Elizabeth Mejia (Santa Monica College), Delores Raveling (Santa Monica College)

Session 1F:  Practice, Policy and Presidents

What is this SPGP, NACAC, HACAC, “lingo” all about. The current NACAC President, Nancy, will share updates on the work of our (inter)national organization, which now includes over 15,000 members.  Jim will discuss the progress on the revised Statement of Principles of Good Practice (SPGP). Nancy, Jim and Gina will address any questions about the organization in an open forum.

Audience:       All

Presenters:       Nancy T. Beane (Westminster School), Gina Cobb (Maryknoll School), Jim Rawlins (University of Oregon)

SESSION 2:  11:00 – 11:50am

Session 2A: “What We Don’t Always Have The Chance To Tell You” - Tips for an Effective STEM Application

This is a mini-case studies exercise as we explore the connections that an Admissions Committee for a highly selective STEM institute seeks and discovers in effective applications. How can a student be mindful of coherence in his/her application? Together with letters of recommendation, how can there be resonance of your student’s interests - STEM and otherwise? We’ll look at examples from the perspective of the committee review in hopes that it can help your students understand why their self-presentation makes all the difference in their application.

Audience:    High School, Community College

Presenters:  Nikki Chun (California Institute of Technology), Jason Tagal (Universal Technical Institute)

Session 2B: Game On! Applying GAMIFICATION To College Counseling Programs

What is “gamification?”  Come learn what it is and take a first look at ways gamification can be applied to college counseling as a strategy for improving High School students’ scope of college search and engagement in the long-term discovery and application process. Learn about the research that indicates the utility of gamification as a tool to facilitate learning. Then discover the potential for how different games and interactive activities can be used to introduce students to colleges and teach practical college application procedures. Examples include social media competitions, best-of existing apps, and in-class activities and games. This session will be interactive and high energy. 

Audience:    High School

Presenters:  Anna Reithmeier (University of British Columbia), Christopher Obenchain (Punahou School)

Session 2C: College Board Update on the New SAT

In the first six months after its launch, more than 41,000 K12 educators logged into the College Board’s Online Educator Score Reporting Portal. For colleges and universities, the updated Score Portal with Trend Dashboard launched last fall. These data-rich tools for educators offer detailed, focused information to make reporting and score access easier than ever. The session will also provide an update and best practices for Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. Learn how your colleagues are using these resources to streamline their work and better support students.

Audience:    All

Presenter:  Jim Bonner (College Board)

Session 2D: The Value of Faith Based Colleges Universities

This session is designed to dispel the myths regarding faith-based institutions and discuss in great detail the different types of program offerings, experiences, and the great benefits that students will experience as a result.

Audience:    High School, Community College

Presenters:  Raashon Daniels (Wheaton College), Robert Marquez (Concordia University), Olympia Sina Hugo (Westmont), Ineliz Soto Fuller (Seattle Pacific University)

Session 2E: From The Aloha State To The Beaver State: How Oregon’s Public Universities Serve Students and Their Families

Join representatives from representatives from Oregon’s public universities for updates regarding academic programs, admission requirements, services, facilities, and scholarship opportunities. Representatives will also provide an overview of how their respective institutions serve students and their families from the state of Hawaii. The session will include time for the audience to share their thoughts regarding potential new opportunities for Oregon's public universities to serve students.

Audience:    All

Presenters:  Rob Findtner (Western Oregon University), Kirk Koenig (University of Oregon), Matt Ogawa (Oregon State University), Ian Parent (Southern Oregon University), Celeste Krueger (Portland State University), Kendal Vreeland (Oregon Institute of Technology)

Session 2F: Navigating US Race Data for “Hapa”/Multiracial Students

Federal policy changes in 2010 required that K-12 and higher education entities allow students to be identified with more than one racial-ethnic group. This change has led to some rapid shifts in how diversity appears in institutional reporting, but only slow shifts, if any, in how we examine, discuss, and promote the diversity of districts, schools, and higher education campuses. While multiracial reporting can shed new light on the demographics of our enrollments, it unfortunately offers a new way to obscure types of diversity, even if not on purpose. How do higher education, K12, and other key partners like testing agencies need to continue to move forward to ensure this becomes a net gain for our understanding of race/ethnicity and the ability to continue forward progress on that front? A representative panel will discuss their findings, their breakthroughs and challenges, and new methods of reporting/presenting that can advance this pivotal conversation.

Audience:    All

Presenters:  Jim Rawlins (University of Oregon), Ellen Sawtell (College Board, NY)

SESSION 3:  12:00 – 12:50pm

Session 3A: To Disclose or Not Disclose? - That Is The Question

This session will explore the issue of disclosure in the college admission process. We will discuss issues of learning differences, mental health concerns, academic dishonesty, disciplinary violations or even infractions with the law. What should and how much should college counselors report? What do colleges want and need to know?

Audience:    All

Presenters:  Derrick Kang (Mid-Pacific Institute), Erica Johnson (Lewis & Clark College)

Session 3B: Building a Successful Student Search Campaign

An effective Student Search (marketing) campaign can have a momentous impact on your enrollment funnel.  When you use Search to start the conversation with students, you can lean on cultivating relationships during travel season more than trying to find student leads during your valuable time on the road. Join me for a discussion about the tactical and practical ways to build an effective campaign.

Audience:    Community College, 4-yr College

Presenter:   Nikki Chun (California Institute of Technology)

Session 3C: Using Culture-Based Education to Improve Self-Efficacy in Academically Underachieving

Kamehameha Scholars is an out-of-school college and career-counseling program which supports Native Hawaiian students in achieving post-secondary degrees, entering a career of their choosing, and cultivating their ability to be servant leaders. This session will look at an intervention strategy implemented within our program for students identified as academic underachievers. Partnering with community members, we used a small group-counseling format, interwoven with cultural values and practices, to support our students in developing their self-efficacy as academically thriving Native Hawaiians. We will also share examples of various lessons, provide data demonstrating the benefits of this strategy, and review the challenges and successes we experienced.

Audience:    All

Presenters:  Gina Karas (Kamehameha Scholars), Che Sabol, (Kamehameha Scholars)

Session 3D: Advising The Artistically Talented Student

Whether Art College, music conservatory or art major within a university, this session will help you to assist your artistically talented students navigate the best options and programs for themselves.  Events such as National Portfolio Day, Unified Auditions and National High School Dance Festival will also be discussed.

Audience:    High School

Presenter:   Sharron H. Sterling (Cornish College of the Arts)

Session 3E: Golden State of Mind: Exploring the California State University System

The California State University system is the largest system of public higher education in the United States, with 23 campuses throughout the state of California Built upon the foundation of applied and practical, real world education, the CSU is home to more than 475,000 annually. Come learn about admission requirements, WUE and the various pathways to the CSU.

Audience:    All

Presenters:  Traci Lew (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona), Bianca Calderon (Sonoma State University)



HACAC Award Nomination Form


The HACAC Executive Board and Conference Committee invite you to nominate individuals to receive a special recognition for their outstanding contribution to the profession and our organization. Recipients will be honored and recognized at our annual conference on April 8, 2017 in Maui.

Please submit the nomination form by March 10, 2017.

Thank you for taking the time to honor a HACAC member!  


Rising Star Award

Given to a relatively new high school counselor or new college admission counselor who has contributed time and talent to the work of the organization and shows promise of future leadership within HACAC.


HACAC Special Recognition Award

Given in gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding support given to members of HACAC.


Distinguish Award

Given to a member who has made an extraordinary contributions to the work of HACAC over a period of years.


Retiree Award

Given to a HACAC member who has retired from the profession.



2017 HACAC Conference Scholarship Application


Through generous donations from various colleges, institutions and individuals, HACAC is excited to announce that the 2017 Annual HACAC Conference Scholarship Application is now available to attend the conference on April 8, 2017 in Maui.

All Hawai`i ACAC members are welcome to apply. Priority consideration will be given to first time attendees, neighbor island members and/or high school public school members (listed in no particular order).

The deadline to apply is March 3, 2017.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Gina Cobb, Conference Scholarship Committee Chair, at gina.cobb@maryknollschool.org

We look forward to receiving your application! 

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